Virtual Sources for Yugoslavian Jewish Split community

Diocletian Palace, now in the main sqare of the “stari grad” of Split.
According to traditions originally the Early Modern Sephardic Jews settled at the left side of the Palace,
because the connection to the ancient market and the harbor

Contribute by: dr. Benedetto Ligorio, Ph.D., Post-Doc, Adjunct of Early Modern History Department of Philosophy in Villa Mirafiori, Sapienza University of Rome.

In 1942 Italian fascists ravaged the tiny synagogue of Split and burned the main part of the community, throwing most of the ritual objects, archives, torah scrolls, and books onto a bonfire in the main town square. The synagogue was restored after  World War II. Many of Split’s Yugoslav Jews joined the Communist Partisan Army leaded by marshal Josiph Broz Tito.

Some of them heroically gave their lives in the liberation struggle against the violence and the racism of Nazi-fascist occupation and the Ustaše.

Now some of the sources of the jewish community were rediscovered in two section of the Državni arhiv u Splitu under the precious supervision and guarantee of the Republika Hrvatska, in the Morpugo family fond and in the židovska općina fond, property of the State.

Other volumes were rediscovered in the net and are avaible for research activity in the idea of the free acces to the knowldedge without borders between east and west. In the best tradition of common academic culture and values.


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