“People of the Nation” New-Christians, Crypto-Jews, Marranos.

Contribute By dr. Manuel Pizarro, Executive Director

Exhibition: The Portuguese Jewish Diaspora New-Christians, Crypto-Jews, Marranos, “People of the Nation”

12 to 29 October 2022 Palácio Galveias Library

Campo Pequeno, 1049-046 Lisbon

Press release

The exhibition The Portuguese Jewish Diaspora, an initiative of Hagadá Association, is on display at Palácio Galveias Library, in Lisbon, from 12 to 29 October 2022. The Hagadá Association, the institution responsible for the installation and management of the Tikvá Museu Judaico Lisboa, joins the prestigious publisher Chandeigne, based in Paris, in showing the exhibition The Portuguese Jewish Diaspora, in its Portuguese version. Created by the researcher Livia Parnes and produced by the publisher Chandeigne, the exhibition evokes a theme that our Jewish Museum will also deal with in detail, relying to this end on expressive objects from a time when the contribution of those banished by the Portuguese Inquisition played a decisive role on a global scale, in the field of culture, trade and within Judaism itself.

The exhibition perfectly relates to the story that the Tikvá Museu Judaico will tell: the millennial history of the Jewish presence in the territory that is now Portugal, highlighting the contribution that Jews have made to their country and showing that Jewish history and culture are an indissoluble part of what is now Portugal: a 2,000-year experience marked by the multiplicity of cultures that have shaped it and by the longevity of uninterrupted permanence.

The Tikvá Museu Judaico Lisboa will propose a journey in time through the encounter with the men and women who made history, with Jewish tradition and culture, including contemporary, with its richness and diversity, projecting it into the future.

The future is also the focus of the Museum’s architectural project, designed by the internationally renowned architect Daniel Libeskind: a bold design that reminds us that the Light of hope can also spring from the shadows of the past. In this exhibition, the visitor can already glimpse what the future Tikvá Jewish Museum will be like.

Conference Jews of Portugal: a fascinating Diaspora

by José Alberto Tavim

Chair of the seminar “The Jews in Portugal and the Diaspora” of the History Centre of

the University of Lisbon.

27 October, at 6 p.m.

Sala Multiusos of the Palácio Galveias Library.

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