Otherness through Logos and Torah. Philosophical and Political itineraries.

Contribute by: Maria Teresa Pacilè, Ph.D. Candidate, department of Political Sciences, University of Messina.

Book Title: Un segreto al cuore della soggettività. Percorsi etico-politici in P. Ricoeur, E. Lévinas e J. Derrida, prefazione di G. Costanzo, Aracne, Roma 2021

The XX century French philosophical heritage offers contemporary thought the fundamental categories for interrogating a subjectivity that rediscovers itself through the Other,  for the Other, starting from the Other. In dialogue with Ricoeur, Lévinas and Derrida, the text attempts to reveal the “secret” at the heart of the subject, that is the symbol of a new ethos which, through Logos and the Torah, outlines philosophical-political “itineraries” for current events.

The nostos of Ulysses towards an original land must therefore be accompanied by the exodus of Abraham towards elsewhere and the exile of “Abraham the Other”, the one who, with his «Here I am!», responds to the Other with a gesture of unconditional openness. Hospitality – philosophical and poetic, rather than political – can perhaps become the path towards a new Promised Land.