Don’t forget: Jewish Belgrade Symphonies from Balfour Declaration to Holocaust

Contribute by: dr. Maja Vasiljević, Ph.D., Research Associate, dep. of History, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Beograd.

‘Jewish musicians in Belgrade: From Balfour declaration to Holocaust’ (Jevrejski muzičari u Beogradu: Od Balfurove deklaracije do Holokausta) was published on Serbian at the Belgrade publishing house “Hera edu” and Institute of Musicology SASA, funded by Union of Serbian Jewish Municipalities in Serbia and Ministry for Education, Science and Technological Development (Republic of Serbia).

Now, process of translation and preparation of English (2nd version) started! This book is focused on the Jewish musicians that made public music appearance from the end of 1918 to occupied Belgrade in the WWII. More then two hundred musicians were followed, and many of them are unknown until now as they perished during Holocaust. Beside classical and popular musicians/ensembles, cantors and choirs in the Belgrade and Zemun synagogues were singled out.

Author approached to Jewish musicians with appreciation of their identity struggles between Jewish (Zionist) and Belgrade/Yugoslav/ethnic origin, but also with mapping history of Belgrade Jewry and urban cultural history. In line with that, hosting of renowned Jewish musicians, mostly pianist and violinists, but also Jewish theatre “Habima” and choirs from the region or Eastern and Central Europe were followed in this book. Results of research for this study are also Appendix with numerous concert tables for readers who are interested in individual Jewish musician or ensemble performance.

Beside author Maja Vasiljevic, her colleagues are part of this publishing process: Ivana Vesic musicologist and sociologist, as editor of edition Haris Dajč historian, as reviewer Milanović Biljana musicologist, as reviewer Rade Ristanovic historian from the Institute for Contemporary History