Baza, Granada. Model of Genealogical manipulation by Converted Jews

Contribute by: dr. José María García Ríos, Ph.D., Post-Doc Modern History, University of Córdoba

Throughout this work, we will try to offer some brief brushstrokes about the genealogical manipulation developed by families of Jewish-convert origin settled in the city of Baza (Kingdom of Granada), proposing a critical and rigorous analysis of treatises and citizen stories. A legitimation resource based on fraud, also on survival, truly effective for the descendants of new Christians when it comes to completing their processes of social mobility

J. M., García Ríos, A matter of fraud and survival. The genealogical manipulation developed by the families of conversos in the city of Baza (16th and 17th centuries), “Studia Historica. Historia Moderna (SHHMO)”, 44, 2 (2022), pp.301-338.